Thursday, May 18, 2006

Another five weeks of class has come and gone. Wednesday night was the last day of my Career Marketing class. Come Monday, and I start a whole new five weeks. I am not sure if I should be happy or sad. I mean, it's been a long haul of working, going to school, doing homework, trying to have a social life, etc. It's way too much. I donno how I am keeping my 4.0 GPA despite all the things happening in my little world.

My next class will be so pertinent to my major. It is Medical Office Procedures. This is the class that will probably give me a hard time. I am usually pretty good with general classes such as: Algebra, English, Math, Computers, etc but when we go into specifics, then it starts getting complicated for me. I should probably spend this weekend reading through the textbook so I can see what to expect for the next five weeks.

On other news. I have a trip coming up in June. I will be going to the East Coast for about 5 days. The last time I went to Boston, I paid an arm and a leg for my airfare. I DO NOT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!!! I have been scanning the internet for those special airlines deals, you know, the $89 OW tickets? Well, so far I have had no luck! I mean, where are those tickets when you need them. Do I need to start reading newspapers? Is that where one would find such deals? All I know is I am not paying anything more than $200.00 this time around. So, I better get busy and find those deals.

TGIF. I have had a lousy week. Just kind of cold and rainy all week long and I have been swamped at work. This weekend, I hope to catch up onto some beauty rest and hopefully will feel much better come Monday. I know the reason for my tiredness is because of the crazy weekend we had last week. It was not fun. Lots of stuff was happening and I was severely sleep deprived. That is why I will be going to bed at 7 tonight. And if anybody has any qualms about that...

Well, I hope you all enjoy your weekend and have a great time off of work.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

......While some workers stay in nearby field in tents, some do temporary arrangement in the same building where the construction is going on. They do not get enough money to rent a room. This boy works for the whole day and sleep in this place at night! Behind the glass sheet.

Got $130 in stars and...
I really need to create a dataminer for stars,
Ok so it's 3am now and i've just finished playing poker.

Got $130 in stars and i just sat down after waking up at some $2/4 table.... DAM IT WAS TIGHT!!! Theres a guy on my table who must be "semi pro" or atleast trying to earn an ok wage. He's four tabling and got fairly decent stats... Think i'll let the "wage earning tags" play with themselves*Hehe* and wait untill the fish join the pond later tonight.

I really need to create a dataminer for stars, think i'll install my coding software and get started on it actually then complete my ABS Dataminer later today so i can finally release Version 1.

Hmmm yeah sounds like a plan, going to grab food and drink then load up my software and get coding!

[Saving this as a draft for now, then i'll add more to it tonight and upload it to my blogger - If you're reading this then you already know its been uploaded. Dam i woke up late, its 1pm already... prob upload this around 10PM after playing more stars]

Ok so it's 3am now and i've just finished playing poker. Today i played more $2/4 and got sucked out lots like flushs Vs fullhouses etc. Anyhow i won't blabbah about it, i'll be posting all the stats and graphs tommorow as January will be over :) End of month summary will contains all the graphs of BB/100 and $$/100 and all my stats etc.

Anyhow i won back $30 overall and also got started coding on my PokerStars HH grabber & continued to code my ABSOLUTE HH grabber(i lost my code when i formatted my pc).
Creating the serial key code took a while, and i've now started coding it to get the HH's from stars and Absolute.

Anyhow i'll post my end of month post tommorow :) off to bed. Good luck at the tables,

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We miss Sophie so much! Mike sent us some really cute pictures of her playing in the snow. We knew she would love it since she is always so dang hot in Texas. Looks like she is having fun and being spoiled by Mike (do you think she will want to come home to hot Texas in July??).

Thursday, December 01, 2005

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